Our recently remodeled laundromat has several convenient features to help with your self-serve laundry needs…especially new washers and dryers! We have installed brand new, energy efficient, machines to help you save time and money while doing your laundry. Spending time at a laundromat has never been easier or more pleasant!


A majority of our machines are front-load because they are more gentle on your clothes, but we know that some customers prefer the top-load washers, so we have some of those, too! Here’s what we have to help you get your laundry done!

No. of machinesSizeNo. of loads
480lb (front load)8
460lb (front load)6
440lb (front load)4
930lb (front load)3
620lb (front load)2
9top load1

We offer Superwash!

Superwash is a great option for those loads that are a little extra dirty. Select the option before you start your load and an additional 11 minutes will be added to the cycle time (5 minutes of wash time, 5 minutes of extra rinse time and a one minute spin after the rinse).  The cost of a Superwash is in addition to the cost of a regular wash cycle and varies from $0.50 – $1.25 per load depending on the size of the machine you are using. If you have any questions, please ask our attendant who will be happy to assist you!


Once you have washed, we know you want to dry. Some of our new dryers are REVERSING, which means they tumble one way and stop, then tumble the reverse direction and stop…and so on. What’s so cool about those? They reduce your drying time and they are particularly helpful when doing large items like bedding and blankets. Reversing directions keeps the items from getting tangled or rolled into the dreaded “blanket burrito”! Here are your self-serve laundry drying options:

No. of machinesSize
1530lb (stacked dryer)
850lb (reversing stacked dryer)