Coins – No Coins – No Problem!

It’s our favorite phrase! We are a traditional coin operated laundromat and absolutely welcome quarters, but we also have other payment options. Some of our customers prefer the convenience of digital payment. Our machines have the technology to allow us to take both!

How do I use credit or debit card?

We are happy to offer flexibility in our payment options, specifically credit cards. While we don’t have a card swiper, our machines have the ability to accept digital payments through the Dexter Pay payment system. If you’re interested in using your credit card or debit card, simply download the Dexter Pay App (available for Apple and Android phones) and follow the instructions to set up an account. Then find Vallejo Wash N Dry location (#4421) in the app and you’re ready to go! Check out the video for step by step instructions on how to use the app to pay in-store.

We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.